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The PMI Talent Triangle® Skills: Two Out of Three Ain't Bad?

Al Taylor is an independent IT contractor in Ontario, Canada.

When I saw that was focusing on the The PMI Talent Triangle® skills this month, I was reminded of a job interview early in my career. I met first with the HR and technical folks; I must have done okay, because I advanced to the next phase of the interview, which felt to me like a personality analysis. I was given a form to complete—on one side, I recorded “how you see yourself” with a set of about 30 to 40 attributes; on the other side of the form, I recorded “how I think others see me” for the same set of attributes.

Then a gentleman came in to review my answers and provide his interpretation of my personality based on my replies. I don’t recall this person’s exact job title, but my recollection is it was something like “Company Psychologist.” I am not making this up… he wore a tweed jacket and carried a pipe! Looking back, this seems quite old school.

I think it might be interesting and useful for PMs to complete a similar exercise—address those two questions (how do you see myself and how do you think others see you?) for the three talent areas in the scope of our discussion.

The balance of this article targets mainly those PMs who are not already considered experts in all three triangle areas. To those exceptional PMs who have already achieved a high level of competence in …

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