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12 Tips for Managing a Successful Project

Hany has worked as a Senior Network and Security Administrator, and as a Lecturer at North Metropolitan TAFE of Western Australia. He has been working in the information systems management field since 1997 and is currently Senior Infrastructure Project Manager at a leading bank in Egypt.

Project management is a skill gained from dealing with various kinds of situations—as well as difficult decisions—throughout the life cycle of a product. Project managers deal with project requirements, budget constraints, quality expectations, benefits realization, risk management and people and their culture.

Throughout my experience as a PM, I have come to the conclusion that there is no single way to manage all projects. We need to adapt, observe, experiment with new techniques, and above all be patient and excel in communication skills in order to get things done.

The first step for a company is getting a competent/skilled project manager in place. You want a talented PM who is credible and will spare no effort to successfully finish the project. He or she must be ready to manage a team of various personalities—and allocate work to the most suitable person, thus ensuring that the course is ultimately productive and fun.

PMs entrust the team with their decisions—but must also step in when anything goes wrong. They grasp the way to gain the trust of the customer(s) and communicate their expectations to their team in an effort to achieve a shared goal.

The following advice for managing a successful project is based on my experience:

1. Strategize your day. The project manager needs to plan his or her time to avoid being overwhelmed. You …

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