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Quantum Computing: An Issue and a Solution

Kevin Coleman is a highly skilled senior level project and program manager/advisor with experience leading projects with labor budgets ranging from a few hundred thousand dollars to multi-million dollar budgets across multiple industries.

We’ve entered the quantum computer race! Quantum computing (QC) is in the headlines these days—and for a number of very good reasons. One business publication ran a headline that stated “Quantum Computing Could Change Everything.”

You have to admit that does tend to test the shock absorbers of many executives and strategists in business. That (and a number of other headlines) really hit home to many business leaders and strategists, and my inbox began to fill. Given the magnitude of the reaction, perhaps it’s a good idea to explore this interesting and complicated emerging technology—and its potential implications.

First of all, it’s very important to recognize that we have entered into another computer race. Anyone who lived through the first one (as I did) may find this hard to believe, but this one is much different—far more complex and much more difficult to understand. Quantum computing is the theoretical study of quantum mechanics as applied to computer systems that fundamentally change the foundation of business with digital electronics (basically 1s and 0s). Quantum computing has a third state, and that is where it gets confusing. The third state is described as being “half 0 and half 1” —and that’s not the only confusing part.

Insight: The best advice I was given while researching and …

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