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We live in a period of overlapping technology eras. At home, we have affordable smart speakers that we can talk to about local, real-time weather forecasts. Yet at work, we have printed project management books written for every type of project management anyone might encounter. Where is the industry-specific, project type-specific and project size-specific tailored guidance we need?

I hope our digital future will fix the mismatch. If I am running projects in the retail software sector, I don’t expect my practices to overlap much with those working in construction, medicine or marine biology. Up at the principle level, we all want successful projects, happy stakeholders and engaged teams. The principles behind effective planning and risk management are the same. However, down at the practice and “how-to” level, I want tailored guidance and concrete examples from, say, three similar projects to look at.

The good news is that we have the technology to build this—and so much more. Filtering documents based on tags is basic 20th century functionality. Organizations could already filter and sort all of their project artifacts for easy retrieval.

The most common reason they do not is the infrastructure work to do this. No big payback appears for making the investment in a project to classify all project documents, just an incremental savings for every…

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