Taking Charge of Our Digital Identities

Mike Donoghue is a member of a multinational information technology corporation where he collaborates on the communications guidelines and customer relationship strategies affecting the interactions with internal and external clients. He has analyzed, defined, designed and overseen processes for various engagements including product usability and customer satisfaction, best practice enterprise standardization, relationship/branding structures, and distribution effectiveness and direction. He has also established corporate library solutions to provide frameworks for sales, marketing, training, and support divisions.

In terms of technology and access, there are people considered to be the “haves” and others who are the “have-nots.” While some individuals may suffer to some degree from having lower quality goods and services (for example, connectivity), there are clearly others who have been so deprived by virtue of their difference in income, education, age, geographic location and other factors that it creates a form of digital divide.

Because the phrase “digital divide” can be considered rather broad, convoluted and politically charged, the National Digital Inclusion Alliance (a U.S.-based nonprofit organization) has found the use of the term “digital inclusion” to be more appropriate:

Digital Inclusion refers to the activities necessary to ensure that all individuals and communities, including the most disadvantaged, have access to and use of Information and Communication Technologies. This includes five elements:

  1. Affordable, robust broadband internet service;
  2. Internet-enabled devices that meet the needs of the user;
  3. Access to digital literacy training;
  4. Quality technical support; and
  5. Applications and online content designed to enable and encourage self-sufficiency, participation and collaboration

Digital Inclusion must evolve as technology advances. Digital Inclusion requires intentional strategies and …

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