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4 Tips for Dealing with Difficult Team Members: A Lesson in Leadership

Emily Luijbregts, PMP, is a project manager in Breda, Netherlands.

“I am with a client-based PM firm in the construction industry, to which I support a baby boomer PM who just ‘knows it all’ and isn't open to receiving any input to design/constructability (and) doesn't see any point in programs, risk analysis, etc., and retains all the information 'up here' (his brain); nor is he open to improvements as a result of me completing my PM studies. Any tips on how to handle this would be appreciated, especially if they're without 'over-stepping' and creating an uncomfortable environment.”

One part of that you may not know about is the Community Discussion forums. It’s a great source of knowledge, filled with advice from members who take the time to contribute, ask questions and share experiences with other PM professionals. If you haven’t looked around, I recommend you contribute!

A post in the discussion forum prompted this article. I wanted to share some insight and a more detailed reply for what you can do if you find yourself in a similar situation as the question posed above in “Tips on Handling a Baby Boomer PM when I'm a Gen Y PM.”

Whilst you may think this is a simple “generational gap” issue, it provides us a great opportunity. We can learn how to work with others and—more importantly—how to use our role as…

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