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Global Systems Rollout: Project Strategy Considerations

Nehal is a PMP® & ACP® certified, hands-on and results-driven technology leader with over 16 years of success in leading complex global programs and distributed teams.

As your business grows and exhausts its reach to all available local customers, there comes a saturation point at which the need to explore and expand beyond the local markets become inevitable.

Over the last several decades, we have seen this with manufacturing, retail, electronics and most recently with digital services. Going through an expansion like that introduces new challenges: taxation burdens, statutory and regulatory reporting requirements, culture shifts, etc. If not navigated cautiously and carefully, these challenges could become very costly and eat away from your profits.

More often than not, companies facing expansion challenges end up executing a global systems rollout to support their expansion needs. In this article, I will look at some of the key considerations to execute such a rollout successfully.

Who needs a global rollout?

  • Mid-size companies who are expanding their business to global markets
  • Companies that have acquired new global entities through merger & acquisitions
  • Large organizations doing business and running operations in global regions

Why do companies need a global rollout?

  • Assist in rapid expansion into global supplier and consumer markets
  • Need for standardization to facilitate efficient processing and consolidated reporting
  • Reducing operational costs and increasing profit margins

Implementation …

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