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Making Friends and Influencing People: Using Social Media in Your Projects

Emily Luijbregts, PMP, is a project manager in Breda, Netherlands.

It can be a very fine line—and will almost certainly depend on your organization—but the use of social media within projects can substantially help your team building as well as communication with both your onsite and remote teams.

The easiest way to know what’s accepted is to ask your managers and peers what has been done. When it comes to “new” technology, it may need to be authorized by your IT/security department for use within the organization’s network. There is little point in trying to use a communications tool if you cannot use it within your working hours/working network.

I have found that using social media has the most benefit when the team is spread across several locations as you can share a lot more as everyone is not in the same location/area. I have run competitions on the group for everything from “messiest desk” to “best lunch box.”

One consideration to have: How strong and detailed is your communications plan? Your social media strategy can be as good as you want, but if you have an inadequate communications plan (either not detailed, or enough, or clear) then whatever you share on social media may be worthless as it doesn’t reach its intended audience or purpose.

Why should you use social media tools during your project?

1. It can help build relationships within your team.

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