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Advice to My Younger Self: The Benefits of Learning Project Management Early in Life (Part 2)


Every year around the globe, role models share life advice during commencement speeches for the moments that happen after you throw your mortarboard in the air. But what if we knew the outcome of our life lessons then? What advice would we give our younger selves? 

In this Q&A series (see Part 1 here), we asked prominent members of the PMIEF community how their current skill set could have helped them as a kid. The roundtable discussion shared how they feel a project management skill set can help young people achieve their goals and make their dreams a reality.

In the second article of this series, PMIEF’s Community Engagement Committee—David Khaw, Organizational Project Management Principal “Coachsultant” and Co-Founder of MiNDa Coachsultancy Sdn. Bhd; Avdivaragan Chandrasekaran, PMP, Founder Director, Infocareer Pvt Ltd.; and Connie Hester, PMP and PMO Process Lead at Dell—share their thoughts on teaching project management skills to youth and why they think it’s a vital tool for the future.

Read below to learn how they feel project management has changed their career path and what advice they have for the next generation of leaders.

If you had learned project management skills at a young age, how would that have helped your early growth, school life, opportunities, etc.?

David Khaw: “I think if I had …

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