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Are Your Transformation Efforts Leading the Organization to Fatigue?

Shashank is a program management professional with expertise in agile implementation and transformation. He has 11 years of global experience in portfolio and account management, delivering transformational solutions to clients.

More than ever, organizations are making efforts to digitally transform. Following the popularity of agile implementations that began more than a decade ago—and DevOps more recently—most companies are striving to get ahead of their competitors and reduce the lead time to their end customers.

Most organizations take anywhere from 12 to 18 months to get to a steady state at the end of transformation. To achieve the desired steady state, continuous effort needs to be made to instill changes in small increments.

Yet several other companies fail in their transformation effort. They not only miss getting to a steady state, but eventually lead the organization to "transformation fatigue" after multiple failed attempts.

On top of that, resources at various levels in the hierarchy are confused as to where the efforts are leading—and how they will make things better. Any further discussion with resources regarding transformation and its benefits generally results in the conclusion that the current state is the best state—and that attempts to transform would be a complete waste of time.

Having led several transformations in my career, this is a situation that I have often come across. Having observed organizations closely, some of the key reasons associated with fatigue are:

  • Different views of the problems — Most organizational …

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