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Agile Is Under Attack…Join the Resistance!

Paul is a management, strategy and business transformation consultant, specializing in digital transformation and program management. He has over 15 years of technology transformation experience, and several industry certifications.

Agile is under attack. Many organizations believe they have an agile way of working in place, but they just have bits and pieces of what agile truly is. This means agile does not deliver all it’s supposed to…and thus gets heavily criticized.

There are a number of reasons why agile is under attack. In this article, I will look at the role of management, the confusion over the meaning of “agile,” and the fact that agile is not necessarily the best fit in some cases. I’ll also explain what you can do to resist the “attack.”

The role of management

One of the reasons that agile is under attack is that some managers find it uncomfortable, perhaps because they don’t like the idea of feeling that they are ceding control to teams. The self-organizing aspect of agile may feel particularly threatening to some managers, not least because it may feel as if the managers themselves are superfluous! This can lead to managers attacking agile by undermining it and adapting it in different ways until it becomes unrecognizable as agile.

Yet managers have a very important role to ensure that agile works effectively. They need to hire the right people in the first place, and ensure agile stays agile through embracing its values and principles.

Yet all too often, agile may just feel a step too far for some managers. They either attack …

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