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Donor Spotlight: Germán Gutiérrez-Pacheco, PMP®


Germán Gutiérrez-Pacheco, PMP®, has experienced the power of project management throughout his career as an IT systems engineer and manager. But it wasn’t until he took his 7-year-old granddaughter to a PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) session on project management and robotics that he saw, first-hand, how easily it could be absorbed by one so young.

“She learned enough of the basics in three or four hours to gain a clear understanding of what a project is. She talks about doing projects at school, and how she goes about them. She is happy to be able to organize her work. And me? It makes me feel very proud to hear her use that PM vocabulary. I can see the great value in teaching these skills even to small children.”

A faithful donor to PMIEF, Germán believes his funds are being amplified when funneled through PMIEF efforts.

“I feel sure PMIEF invests my little contribution on programs impacting youth and needed communities in ways my limited skills do not allow me to do,” he says, adding that when many small contributions are added together, they can fund great efforts.

Of his own professional development, Germán says, “I began managing projects at IBM, where I was a systems engineer, and project management was still just an art. In 1974, we didn’t have a formal project …

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