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The Beneficial PMO

Mike Donoghue is a member of a multinational information technology corporation where he collaborates on the communications guidelines and customer relationship strategies affecting the interactions with internal and external clients. He has analyzed, defined, designed and overseen processes for various engagements including product usability and customer satisfaction, best practice enterprise standardization, relationship/branding structures, and distribution effectiveness and direction. He has also established corporate library solutions to provide frameworks for sales, marketing, training, and support divisions.

When project teams get to work, they seek to accomplish a variety of goals, such as reducing expenses while also making processes more efficient. So what are the cost and effort benefits that can be gained through the integration of a project management office?

Centralizing Standards and Decisions
Maintaining a PMO at your organization means having a foundation and “backbone” that provisionally supports and oversees a network of corporate projects. When implemented across an enterprise, it helps bring expertise, standards, best practices and knowledgeable assistance in the form of materials and practices as well as expert project management personnel.

For many companies, having a PMO is almost like owning a research library with a repository of librarians and resources ready to be drawn upon at a moment’s notice. In other establishments, it may act more like a disciplinarian task force, with the PMO group enforcing a strong authoritarian grip on procedures, protocols and project behaviors in an attempt to regulate workflow and ensure a pathway to reliable success.

Having a centralized organization that oversees and manages IT projects becomes essential. Because of the complexities associated with project work interactions and overlaps, PMOs are a necessity. Regardless of the implementation though, a PMO is generally considered a “go-to” …

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