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Change Management: 6 Simple Steps to Get Started

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Stephanie is the Principal Project Manager at Redtie Consultants in Nairobi.

When my career was moved into project management—yes, I mean “was moved”—I had literally no say in it. I was suddenly tasked with developing project management processes and setting up a project management office (PMO), and I knew little about the profession myself.

I knew I could not change everything at once, but I also knew I needed to change something quickly. The company evolved around client projects, and since as the customer relations manager I had been dealing with client complaints and issues, I had already seen that many projects had major issues.

Looking at the main data infrastructure project that I had been asked to “sort out,” I realized there was a major scope change somewhere through the project—and very little documentation around it (apart from some unspecific emails).

I decided to start by documenting scope. This would also help me understand what the actual scope was. Coming from the medical field, I knew the importance of good documentation, so I planned to utilize this for the projects.

Later, when I actually participated in PMP® training and was introduced to formal project management and the standards, I realized what I had done out of a gut feeling was a great starting point to introduce PM processes.

I have encountered many young project managers starting out in their new career in a similar…

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