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The Benefits of Agile Transformation

PMI Czech Republic Chapter

Lenka is a management consultant with an agile mindset and 15+ years of managing domestic and international cross-functional teams.

Recently, I got the opportunity to participate in our Czech PMI Chapter event and answer questions from the audience on how to approach agile transformation, what the expected benefits are and how to achieve them. I would like to follow up on and dig a bit deeper on some of the topics that were opened at the event.

The general expectation from conducting an agile transformation is strengthening your ability to quickly adapt and respond on an enterprise-wide level. If a company wants to get more efficient, there are several related topics that need to be addressed simultaneously—and they go far beyond the way of work of individual agile teams (company culture, strategic skill set development, performance management systems, efficient alignment of multiple teams accessing the same technological platforms and many more).

And for any initiative that is aimed at bringing improvement, transformation success is determined by knowing why and where we want to get better. We need to be clear on what benefits we would like to achieve and then set the main focus of the transformational efforts to start the journey.

In this article, I would like to share my practical experience with three areas that are listed by the 13th Annual State of Agile Report as the most frequently achieved benefits. These are:

  1. Ability to manage changing priorities (reported by 69% of research …

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