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Creativity in the Chaos

Emily Luijbregts, PMP, is a project manager in Breda, Netherlands.

Have you been in this situation? You’re in the middle of your project and there seems to be problems from every direction. You just don’t know the way out. Or you don’t know which way to go first. You’re stuck. What do you do first?

In this article, I’ll share some advice for how to think creatively when there’s chaos all around you—and how to remain calm in a crisis.

1. What’s the problem? It can feel like you’re drowning. You’re overwhelmed with problem after problem, and everyone is looking to you for direction.

First things first: I recommend getting your facts clearly sorted and work out what the actual problem is. You cannot begin to resolve an issue if you are unaware of what is actually going on. Try to find out what the root of the issue is, and then work on your resolution.

2. What’s the priority? Okay, so you’ve worked out what the most important issue is, but what needs to be done first? This should be done with your team/product leads to make sure that you have the right and accurate information.

3. Thinking about a solution…and thinking outside of the box. I’d like you take a moment to think about how you’ve resolved issues that you’ve had in the past. Where did you start? What was the starting point?

4. Core team collaboration. When thinking …

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