Project Management

Climate of Change: The Green Climate Fund

Stefan Zutt


TITLE: CIO, head of information and communications technology (ICT)

ORGANIZATION: Green Climate Fund

LOCATION: Incheon, South Korea

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) operates on a simple principle: Industrialized nations that have contributed the most to climate change, and have benefited the most from these activities, should contribute the most to developing countries’ efforts to mitigate or adapt to climate change. "It’s a matter of justice," says Stefan Zutt, who has three decades’ experience in IT and project management.

In 2010, almost 200 countries of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change decided to establish GCF to support initiatives to respond to climate change—from the construction of solar power plants in Nigeria to a project to help Namibian farmers use rain more efficiently. "The same amount of money that would make an incremental difference in the developed world can have a much greater impact on climate change if spent in the developing world," says Mr. Zutt, who joined GCF five years ago to oversee its IT initiatives.

How does GCF support climate change projects?

GCF itself doesn’t execute climate projects. Instead, partner entities work with us to bring forward and improve climate change project proposals. Our board evaluates and funds these projects, and …

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