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Brain power: Machine learning is starting to transform decision making and careers

Novid Parsi, and PM Network

Audrius Zujus, founder and CEO, Aresi Labs, software and digital developer, Vilnius, Lithuania

Geetha Gopal, PMP, assistant manager, product owner, bot services and projects, Daimler South East Asia Pte Ltd., Singapore

Bruno Rafael de Carvalho Santos, CAPM, PMP, project manager, Sedimentary Geology Laboratory and Coppetec Foundation, supporting the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

With too much data and not enough talent, it’s only a matter of time before organizations jump on artificial intelligence (AI) to turn all of the information they have into better decision making. Machine learning has the potential to help project teams process massive amounts of data to reveal project patterns, identify risks and predict outcomes.

There’s been a lot of noise about AI and machine learning changing project management. What’s real?

Mr. Zujus: AI has been misunderstood for a long time. It’s been so hyped that most people think it’s now in a really advanced state and can do anything. But the reality is: Few people are actually using machine learning to help them on projects. It’s very early for machine learning to be used in this application.

Mr. Santos: I agree. People misuse the terms "AI" or "machine learning" as if they’re magic that can do anything we want. They can&…

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