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Topic Teasers Vol. 131: Where Does the BA Fit Into My Project?

PMI Heartland Nebraska / Iowa Chapter

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Last week, I was told that there will now be a business analyst (BA) working with my project team. To be honest, we have all the roles filled. Why are we being assigned yet another person to deal with? Isn’t it enough that they also want us to work with a second team to produce the tangible portions of this project, while we do the software and other soft deliverables? Can I refuse to accept this person into the group​?

A. As the Project Management Institute (PMI) shifts toward more flexible processes to complete projects, along with retaining the tried and tested approaches for some more linear production outcomes, there needs to be increased communication between business goals and project procedures. One helpful option is to have a business analyst be the go between to link management goals and project work.

B. Now that many organizations are moving to agile, there is no need for a business analyst to help interpret and map corporate outcomes and evaluate data. In an attempt to find work for these people, some businesses are moving them to a project team. There they can help the project manager with the math of predicting and tracking product progress along the timeline set out by senior management.

C. “Business analyst&…

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