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From Vision to Reality: How to Implement an Automation Solution

Baskar is a Senior Test Management Consultant with over 20+ years of experience in IT testing projects, leading and managing various quality assurance teams.

When you manage big projects and teams, you end up interacting with various stakeholders, all driving to meet tight timelines and focusing on quality delivery. When you perform this role with a 360-degree view, the greater visibility may often lead to ideas that benefit your team, client and company in the long run.

While having this vision is good, most of the time the ideas never come to fruition as we become completely sucked into our daily project life, left with little time to nurture those thoughts. How can we make sure this vision is realized? Where do you start? Let’s look at a scenario and break down possible practical and strategic steps that we can take.

John is a senior testing manager, leading a team of 30 members for an IT service company. He provides IT testing solutions for one of his major clients. John's 30-member team consists of almost 95% functional and 5% technical-functional resources. This project has tight deadlines and many milestones to achieve. This is going to be a long-term project.

Along with handling busy monthly QA releases, John also sees lot of potential for automation of key repetitive testing tasks and improving team testing efficiency, which will lead to quality deliverables and cut down on some complicated manual testing efforts.

Considering the project commitment and tight timelines, either his client-side IT …

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