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Working in a COVID-19 Society: What Comes Next?

Emily Luijbregts, PMP, is a project manager in Breda, Netherlands.

It’s now been several months since the COVID-19 pandemic forced many countries and industries into lockdown. Working conditions changed so dramatically that it was a steep learning and adjustment curve not just for project managers to try and keep up with, but also for their organizations.

As we settle into the “new normal,” we are still working in a period of adjustment. I want to give some of my predictions for what may be coming up for us in the project management industry—and what we need to do to prepare ourselves.

1. Potential redundancies
2020 is being called the “COVID-19 recession” and is going to potentially be the worst recession that the global economy has seen since 1945-46.

There has been dramatic shrinkage and unprecedented weakening of the services sector, which has a knock-on effect for many industries—and therefore organizations. Since March, I have seen several global companies starting rounds of redundancies, as well as looking at cost-saving measures within projects. This has caused many projects to either be postponed, delayed or cancelled.

As project management professionals, it is our duty to prepare ourselves as much as possible for whichever eventuality appears in our path. In February, I wrote about avoiding complacency in your career, and previously wrote about how to plot the next step in your …

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