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Celebrating PMIEF's 30th Anniversary: How a Scholarship Helped an Infantry Officer Transfer to the Private Sector


This is part of the PMIEF 30th Anniversary Series. In the video and interview below, Dan Kurber shares how project management has made a difference in his personal and professional life, the impact of PMIEF's scholarship and awards program, and the first step you can take to get the next generation involved in project management today.

Dan Kurber believes in Project Management for Social Good®. It was a core part of his profession in the U.S. Army over the last eight years. Working his way up the ranks, Dan used his project management skill set daily as a commander of an infantry company with over 100 soldiers in it.

“Upon graduation, I commissioned as an Infantry Officer in the United States Army and was thrust into various leadership and project management positions over eight and a half years. For the last two years of my time in the Army, I served as the commander of a company with around a hundred soldiers and managed dozens of training and logistics related projects,” says Kurber, who grew up in a small town in Alaska and went to college at the United States Military Academy. “I’m so grateful for the numerous project management opportunities it provided me, and the chance to lead and work with some of the best people I’ve ever known.”

Dan Kurber - Thank You PMIEF from PMI Educational Foundation on Vimeo.

When …

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