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PMIEF Donor Spotlight: Teresa Burgess, PMP®


Teresa Burgess, PMP® says love of education is in her blood. Through six generations on her father’s side, 15 people have been educators. Her great-great-grandfather deeded part of his land so that a school could be built on it. Once a teacher herself, Teresa has made a heartfelt commitment to support the PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) with consistent donations.

Formerly a board member as VP of programs of the PMI Oklahoma City Chapter, Teresa has been employed with Moore Norman Technology Center in Norman, for 20 years, serving as director of projects. However, before going full bore into project management, she was a high school English teacher whose organizational skills were essential to her classroom.

“Other teachers would say, ‘How do you get all of that stuff done?’ and kids would comment, ‘You're the most organized teacher I've ever had,’” she recalls. “I just blew it off; I figured other people just didn’t bother to use their organizational skills.”

It never occurred to her that they didn’t have any real organizational skills at all.

Teresa directed students to approach their entire year of study as a project with specific goals, requirements, timelines and deliverables. One student named Paul “really jelled with the approaches and liked helping me in the …

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