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Q&A with Jim Snyder, Founding Member of PMI and Chairman Emeritus of PMIEF


In the project management community—and all around the world—there’s a sense of well-deserved reverence associated with the name James R. (“Jim”) Snyder, the man who propelled the Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF) from an idea to a reality. Today he is Chairman Emeritus of the foundation.

As one of the original founders and a fellow of the Project Management Institute, Jim has served as PMI president, chairman and volunteer executive director—and he remains an active member. But nothing seems to light the fire of excitement in his voice more than a discussion of the potential impact project management education has on the youth of the world—and the communities they will one day inherit and lead.

Jim recently took time to answer some questions about the history of the PMI Educational Foundation—its past, present and future—in a revealing and inspiring Q&A:

Q: Being one of the early founders and driving forces of PMIEF, what was the inspiration to create it?

In terms of some historical background, the Educational Foundation was not a planned organization. PMI’s board of directors didn't say, “We need an educational foundation.” No one said, "Let's start one." What actually happened was, local chapters began to give scholarships to …

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