Project Management

Be an Accountable Leader

Vince Molinaro

The expectations for project managers have continued to increase over the years. Now the stakes are even higher. Project managers must create value beyond getting a project done on time and under budget. In many ways, that’s table stakes or the price of entry for any project manager.

Organizations are demanding more from project managers today, so they need to evolve how they think about their roles and start seeing themselves as leaders.

When you get right down to it, projects live or die on whether the people they impact buy-in. But many project managers struggle to bring the soft leadership skills needed to build support and drive engagement. Now, the pressure to deliver results and project deliverables is more critical than ever. As companies begin the long journey back to recover from the social, economic and community impact of the global pandemic, there will be even more pressure to regain lost momentum.

What do project managers need to do to succeed at this critical time? They need to focus on becoming accountable leaders. Truly accountable leadership is the only way an organization can weather uncertainty in an upended world. Based on my global research among the strongest performing companies, accountable leaders consistently demonstrate five behaviors:

1. Hold others accountable for high standards of performance. Project managers must excel at setting …

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