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Topic Teasers Vol. 138: How Agile and Traditional Teams Hitch Up

PMI Heartland Nebraska / Iowa Chapter

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We are starting a project that is part hardware and part software driven. The organization has asked me if we want to use a traditional approach or a more flexible version like agile. It seems to me that the production line would benefit more from one and the IT team might do better with another. What do I recommend to management about what our team wants to adopt to move forward​?

A. For a number of years, hardware and software have been completing projects on their own without a need to interface in any way. There is no need to try to join their processes at this point. Each group should continue to do what they do best and after the hardware is completed, the software can be added.

B. PMI has a new term, the Adoptive Team, that can use both types of project approaches within one team simultaneously. They cross-train all members of the team to know how to produce the hardware and also teach it the coding process in the selected programming language for this project.

C. The best option is to have two teams, one agile and the other with a more traditional approach that has adapted itself to work in better harmony with the agile team. It is a huge mistake to try to complete this project with one single team.

D. Since many surveys and …

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