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How to 'Kickoff' a Successful Project in 45 Minutes


Do you remember your first big work project? Maybe you were asked to launch a new project. Maybe you were asked to coordinate a multichannel marketing campaign.

Regardless of whether we remember the assignment perfectly well or if we can’t seem to recount the details at all, we can almost guarantee that we all have a shared recollection of how we felt when were given that assignment. Unprepared? Anxious? Indecisive?

Almost all first-time or new project managers feel this way. How else might you feel when you’re thrown into the deep end without proper training?

You may be a formal project manager or executive with the certifications, experience and confidence to lead successful projects. But every day, millions of employees are asked to manage projects without the resources to prepare and empower them.

You were once one of these people. And the harsh reality is that most employers don’t recalibrate their expectations based on these facts; our “informal” project managers are expected to deliver projects on time, within budget, and in alignment with organizational goals—just like a formal project manager with years of experience and expertise.

So, sans the experience and knowledge, where does a PM start? What’s his or her first step to kick off a project?

Historically speaking, these have been difficult questions to …

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