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The Daily Scrum: Yay or Nay?

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Xavier is a Senior Project Manager in Brussels, Belgium.

Why would anyone not want to hold Daily Scrums?

I ask myself this question every time I hear someone complain about them. Some people say that Daily Scrums are a micro-management tool, a waste of time, do not change anything regarding the quality of their work, take too long, etc.

Indeed, these complaints are often true…for them! It’s what happens in their organization, and there are many ways to do them wrong. When the scrum master or team falls into those aforementioned traps, then yes, the Daily Scrum is a micro-management tool.

If each team member only reports on what they did (or will do) in excruciating detail (trying to justify the time they spent on tasks), does not share anything that helps to reach the sprint goal, shares too many details about tasks, or brags about their accomplishments, then yes…the Daily Scrum wastes time.

And yes, the Daily Scrum may never change anything about your way of working or the quality of your work if you do not share anything about your difficulties and impediments.

So, my question to you is: Is your Daily Scrum your team's solidarity moment?

Let's have a look at my first "application" of the scrum framework:

  • Context: a cybersecurity project.
  • The team: a bunch of IT security experts who did not want to share their knowledge—and certainly not speak about…

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