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Topic Teasers Vol. 139: Agile Hacks for Remote Workers

PMI Heartland Nebraska / Iowa Chapter

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Unfortunately, we were just starting a new agile team process as circumstances forced us to begin working from home rather than in the office. Since one of agile’s important principles is working as a small, collaborative team, this makes it difficult for us. How can we continue to get the best value for our company by working together even though we are no longer collocated​​?

A. One of the key reasons that agile works is that teams are collocated. When circumstances dictate that this is not possible, it is better to revert to a more traditional/waterfall methodology until the time when you can all go back into the office.

B. Creative ways are out there for you to engage with others on your agile team. Don’t let the fact that you are no longer physically in the same space discourage you from using the principles that make this process successful in a new, innovative way that works for you and your colleagues.

C. Don’t overlook how skilled most of your teammates may be with online applications. Form a LinkedIn group, a set of Facebook friends, or set up something on Instagram, Snapchat or a similar app so that you can be in communication from a remote location.

D. After years of false starts, holographic displays …

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