Project Management

A 5-Step Formula to Digital Transformation

Howard Tiersky

Today’s customer is “digitally driven.” So, if your organization is going to thrive, digital must be at the core of what you do. Add-ons and tweaks aren’t good enough. To earn and keep customer love, you’re going to have to make sure they can access your products and services quickly and seamlessly.

For most legacy companies, this requires total transformation. Here is a five-step process to help you make the shift.

Step 1: Understand Your Customer

Customer-centricity is essential. You must understand your customer on a deep level if you are to create the kinds of experiences that will move their behavior in the right direction. This requires several types of research, such as: 

  • Indirect Customer Research. You probably already have a wealth of customer insight tucked away in various, disparate places within your enterprise, from databases to PDFs to the knowledge in the brains of your customer-facing teams. Start analyzing it to understand what it means and how it relates to the research questions you defined earlier. 
  • Direct Customer Research. Reach out directly to your customers using best-practices techniques, such as customer interviews, observational research (observe them buying or using your product), standardized measures (like the Net Promoter Score), and surveys. 
  • Synthesis of Research into Customer …

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