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Help! My Arm Is Stuck in this Phone!

George Ball
What do you call a man whose arm is stuck in his phone? Nothing; you can't call him at all because his phone is not working.

Okay, bear with me and I guarantee this will ultimately make sense.

A long, long time ago (about seven years), in a place far, far away (Washington, D.C.), I helped a local agency of one of the nation's leading life insurance companies update its new agent sales training class. I was fascinated when one of the agency's leading producers told the class that I was auditing: "Forget the sales cycle, the three-step 'approach,' and the canned responses to every conceivable objection. This business is not about selling life insurance; it's simply about meeting people. That's your sole objective when you're phoning; to get an appointment to meet someone, make their acquaintance and show them what you do. The best way to get that appointment is to just ask for the opportunity to meet them and shake their hand, and when you say that they should feel like you're literally reaching your hand through the phone." Then he demonstrated how hard it is to say no to that offer by going around the room and holding out his hand to each person in the class until they took it; no one could resist the pull of that hand, no matter how hard they tried.

A couple of weeks ago an article in the Wall Street Journal helped me uncover that long-lost nugget of knowledge, …

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