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Are You Making These 6 Virtual Working Mistakes?

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In the spring of 2020, many of us switched to virtual work. It wasn't entirely new to me—I had worked from home one or two days per week in the past. However, there is a big difference between occasional virtual work and long-term remote work.

Several companies have announced that long-term virtual work will be their policy going forward. This means that the improvised nature of virtual work we embraced in 2020 is no longer good enough. It is time to look for ways to improve our performance, comfort and happiness. Specifically, there are individual and team virtual working mistakes to avoid.

Personal virtual working mistakes
Start with your virtual work behaviors, first based on the airline seat belt principle. It isn't easy to encourage your project team members to adopt new habits if you have not tested new ideas. Specifically, make sure you are not making these three mistakes:

1. Out of sight, out of mind syndrome
Like it or not, most people in the organization are not thinking about you or your project most of the time. Without the context of a physical office, it is easy to be ignored. The problem is especially significant for younger workers.

According to a National Post article published on February 23, some young professionals are taking an innovative approach to solving this problem: "For 23-year-old software engineer Ife Ojomo, remote …

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