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3 ‘Supportive’ Keys for Smaller Companies To Avoid Project Failures

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

Troy is the CEO and Founder of Aspiri Consulting, Inc. in San Francisco.

Over the past 20+ years I’ve heard some real horror stories about project failures from my smaller clients. Stories that start with:

  • “We started implementing that system before I got here—and three years later, we’re still working on it.”
  • “We are great at starting projects, but terrible at finishing them.”
  • “We have lots of active projects, but I don’t know if anyone is actively working on them.”

Now, this isn’t to say bigger companies don’t have problem projects; they do. But they tend to have a much better grasp on and transparency into those projects, making them addressable problems. This comes from the larger companies having project management offices (PMOs) staffed by professional, dedicated project managers. This ensures a higher degree of focus and discipline.

A well-designed and smoothly operating PMO can be the difference between successful initiatives delivering expected results on time and on budget versus projects that deliver nothing but excuses, missteps and outright pain. For larger companies, the solution is to build a well-funded PMO staffed with an army of professional project managers. They bring years of valuable experience and proven methodologies to drive projects to completion. While not 100% successful every time, they do greatly increase the odds of success.

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