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Topic Teasers Vol. 141: How to Blend Hybrid Teams

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Even as we begin to emerge from the challenges of the past year, it is becoming obvious that things will never go back to exactly how they were in the past. My company wants me to use more agile approaches, along with our past predictive ones, to make us more flexible. But while I agree in concept, I’m not too sure how this would work in practice. Any suggestions​​?

A. The PMBOK Guide® now cites agile, disciplined agile, predictive, traditional and waterfall methodologies in its materials. Pick any two and use a blended methodology for your teams.

B. While creating software products may be unique, the same systematic, prescriptive way of setting up projects that PMI® introduced in 1969 will still be your best choice now that the marketplace is returning back to normal.

C. Each team may need a different approach to projects. The important thing is to pick one—and only one—approach, and do it religiously. Adapting ways that teams operate will only confuse the team members and others in the organization.

D. Today’s projects are quite different than those of the past, and the current marketplace mandates that a successful organization have the skill to spin on a dime. Customer tastes and needs both …

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