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Sanjiv Augustine

Fiero is an Italian word that expresses the emotional high that comes when one triumphs over odds and feels a tremendous sense of accomplishment. In our challenging times, the concepts of fiero and flow consume how I’m thinking about organizing work. This is not untrodden ground by any means. Video game designers design games to continuously engage players by carefully interspersing flow and fiero moments within a game. In doing so, they create the emotional highs that keep players continually engrossed, and somewhat insidiously, coming back for more.

In a world rocked by volatility and uncertainty, all of us are collectively exploring ways to reinvent ourselves and find meaning and happiness in our lives. Dealing with the ever-present tension of our personal safety and the safety of our loved ones amidst the continuing pandemic is the unfortunate reality of our turbulent time.  Zoom fatigue and feelings of isolation caused by two years of working remotely have affected some of us much more negatively than others. 

So, here are tough questions before us. How can we rethink the way we work to make the best of the time that we have been given? How can we find happiness at work even as we personally and collectively continue to navigate through the biggest healthcare crisis in a century?

I sincerely believe that the answers to these questions have the …

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