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3 Ways To Take Your PMO To the Next Level

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What if your project management office (PMO) could be among the best in the world? New research from PMI reveals specific factors that drive top performance, and taking these factors to a higher level of maturity can ramp up effectiveness.

What the Top 10% Of PMOs Are Doing Right
PMI and consulting firm PwC have identified a group of more than 200 PMOs performing at a high level. Across industries, these PMOs have a high level of development across five distinct areas.

1. Governance: Along with processes, governance is the area for which PMOs are best known in many cases. The top 10% vision for governance is quite a broad area. It includes the vital discipline of project visibility (e.g., status reporting, dashboards, etc.), managing performance, and support strategy. One of the most critical measures of governance success comes from the top: A PMO with solid support from the C-suite is more likely to have strong governance.

2. Integration and alignment: This set of practices covers the classic coordination capability of PMOs. For example, integration includes organizing tasks and resources across projects. It also extends to shared business functions that impact multiple projects like procurement. In addition, PMOs can foster alignment by regularly engaging senior leadership on progress and milestones. These functions can help to boost support for projects.

3. …

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