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Topic Teasers Vol. 147: Getting the PMO To Listen!

PMI Heartland Nebraska / Iowa Chapter

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With all of the recent changes in project management, our PMO (Project Management Office) needs to update itself. I think those ideas for new ways of working must come from the project managers, but I can’t seem to get the PMO to listen to me. Is there a clever way to present my ideas, based on my experience delivering products and services for this company, so that the PMO might actually update its practices​?

A. You underestimate the willingness of your PMO to change. Put your suggestions in writing and give the PMO  a deadline by which they must be implemented. State that you will resign and tell upper management why if the PMO does not comply and make your requested changes.

B. The PMO is in a position of power because its personnel are far superior in experience and intelligence to those working at a lower level to complete projects. You are overrating your own ability to offer suggestions that would work for the whole enterprise.

C. Since a PMO is doing multiple types of projects for a variety of parts of the business, it is inundated with ideas that may be specific to only one area. To get it to really hear your suggestions, you need to be creative and find a way to get its attention and engage it if you want your …

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