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How To Spring Clean Your Career, Workspace and Goals

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Spring cleaning is a tradition that I have recently embraced in March and April. The tradition took on newfound significance in the spring of 2020. Since then, I’ve cleaned up desks (and desk drawers), organized books, and got rid of clothes. It’s hard to describe just how freeing I found this experience. After attending to the home front, I focused on career matters. In late December, I set goals for the coming year.

Things have changed since then. I realized that I needed a reset to get back on track.

Why Resets Help
There are few naturally occurring resets in the calendar—like January 1, your birthday, or even new months. For many families with school-age children, September marks a new beginning. A reset can give you newfound motivation for goals (including removing goals that no longer make sense for your situation). A reset for your professional career is worth the effort because your career is one of your most valuable assets.

Managing A Multi-Million Dollar Asset
Allow me to make a financial analogy. Let’s assume you have at least 20 years left in your career, and you’re earning over $100,000 per year. Your remaining career is worth at least $2 million, by that logic. An asset worth that much deserves careful tending to ensure that it thrives. Yet, it is tough for many project managers to spend adequate time on their careers.

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