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Optimizing Hybrid Work: 7 Ways to Better Days in the Office...and at Home

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Two years ago, almost nobody discussed hybrid work. Now, it has become the most popular way to work. But thriving in this arrangement is going to take some practice. That's why I'm advocating for a test-and-learn approach—don't expect perfection from yourself or your project team members.

The Foundation of Hybrid Work
Before diving into the specific tips and tactics, I need to emphasize a critical organizational context: Understand the tone from the top. Look at how senior leadership in the PMO and other departments are approaching hybrid work.

For instance, if your leadership has strong preferences about when and how to do in-office work days, you should pay attention. If some executives prefer to use Slack or Microsoft Teams chat, then note those preferences.

The next layer to consider is your project team. In effect, you set the tone from the top for your project team members. Do what you can to be flexible and accommodate their work style preferences to maximize flexibility without hurting performance.

Making Hybrid Work Effective for You
Use these tips to make the most of each type of day in the office. For this discussion, I will assume that you have at least one remote workday and one in-office workday per week.

Office Days
When you work in the office, you have an exceptional opportunity to deepen relationships, trust and collaboration…

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