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Citizen Development Case Study Round-Up Series: Digitally Transforming with Citizen Development


This month we are bringing you real-life stories on how citizen development can be a superpower for organizations across the globe embarking on their digital transformation journey.

Digital transformation is a hot topic in the industry at the moment and it's no surprise after COVID-19 inadvertently forced the hand of many organizations to ramp up their digital transformation initiatives. Almost overnight, working remotely becoming a requirement in most countries and companies had to rely on their technology to adapt accordingly.

However, aside from the obvious and immediate changes that needed to be made as a result of the pandemic, digital transformation goes a lot deeper than working remotely.  According to one of our Gold Partners, Kianda, "Citizen development is the bridge between the world of technology and empowering the people outside the world of technology."

For digital transformation initiatives to be successful, there needs to be a cultural shift that embodies continuous improvement and collaboration. This culture needs to be manifested through the combination of educating staff and a positive attitude toward technology and innovation.

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