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Project Manager Expertise, Experience, and Career Development Q&A

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Tim is a certified PMP and PMI-ACP with a PhD in BA and PM. He has extensive PMO experience and has conducted successful SAP ERP implementations, along with world-class global data center projects, managing and developing custom global corporate information systems. He is an excellent communicator, motivator, facilitator and teacher with a proven ability to steer multiple high-tech projects from initial conception to successful conclusion, on time, within budget, and with happy stakeholders.

The webinar Project Manager Expertise, Experience, and Career Development received so much feedback, we didn’t have time to cover everything! The discussion continued afterward, and here Timothy covers some additional questions and answers that came out of his presentation.

1. How can project managers continuously influence the team's drive to enhance their capability, including leadership capability to raise team performance?
Incorporate the goal of “everybody learns something” into the project charter and frequently schedule reflections as part of sprint, phase gate and project closure processes.

2. Did you factor in PM skills in consideration of adversity and emotional intelligence?
They were covered by the “soft”/“human”/“interpersonal” skill dimension. Adversity was covered by the conflict resolution attribute, and emotional intelligence was covered by the other attributes (leadership, communications, attitude, change tolerance and ambiguity tolerance). We could have included six others, but we included the six most common “soft” skills cited in the studies in our literature review.

3. When it comes to career development opportunities as a PM, do you have any recommendations or advice for how to best position, or the transference of skills? I am having a difficult time with this …

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