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Are Your Career Habits Helping or Hurting Your Growth?

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Bruce is the founder of, a resource for growing IT project managers.

Your daily routine has the power to help or hurt your career growth. As project managers, we know the value of using processes, templates and other resources that reinforce quality and effectiveness. It’s time to apply the same disciplined thinking to our career growth.

Why Focus on Career Habits?
Before going further, you might wonder why you should spend time and energy on career habits. There are a few reasons. I’m going to assume that you already know the value of pursuing certifications that showcase your skills.

If not, I’ll leave you with one key data point: the PMI Salary Survey shows that project managers with certifications have a higher income than those without a certification. Putting in the effort to earn a certification shows that you are serious about developing your skills. In many cases, it is a way to open doors so that you have the opportunity to build

Bad Habits That Hurt Career Growth
There’s an old saying: Stop digging if you find yourself in a hole. That saying directly applies to your bad career habits. Regularly leaning on these bad habits will gradually harm your performance and how you are perceived. Removing or reducing these bad habits can quickly impact your work:

1. Overworking: I know a reasonably senior person who often mentioned that she skipped lunch. She would make this comment several times a week, and …

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