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Embracing a Candor Culture Through Servant Leadership

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Rajam is an AI developer, cybersecurity consultant and project manager in Ontario, Canada.

The best way to achieve high productivity and develop stronger relationships in the workplace is by embracing a candor culture through servant leadership. We must move away from obscure systems of management and communication—and progress toward being receptive to new ideas and opinions.

It may take considerable time to migrate to a culture of transparency from the more traditional ways of thinking, but baby steps can make a huge difference. Leaders who are open enough to appreciate accomplishments and share criticisms without sugar-coating anything will be able to develop a team with more confidence.

While servant leadership is about empathizing and providing support to team members, imparting candor alongside those practices will build trust in the team. Team members will receive more personal attention, a sense of security, and can fearlessly voice their opinion without fear of repercussions.

Servant leaders must focus on the following:

1. Building trust: By honestly sharing opinions, whether appreciations or criticisms, the clutter of misunderstanding will be cleared—thus paving the way for self-realization. It will encourage and guide the team to make bold moves and to work toward the success of the project. Team members will be motivated to speak up for themselves and frankly present their perspectives, regardless of their years of experience or …

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