Project Management

How Do You Create Compelling Collaboration?

Sophie Wade

Performance metrics rarely align with companies’ value creation, particularly with the emphasis shifting dramatically from manual to knowledge work. The traditional emphasis on measuring productivity is, as Dom Price, work futurist at collaboration software developer Atlassian, puts it, “a great measure for machines” and is not balanced or recognizing human-centric factors such as mental health and burnout. Dom promotes “finding measures for effectiveness, belonging, connectivity and thinking about things like innovation, creativity, and curiosity, which are important, lead indicators for a business—having a more rounded view of how we think about humans.”

Carefully consider the metrics for performance that promote quality individual and team outcomes and also feed into the motivation cycle for your employees. Furthermore, pay attention to Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, which may become outdated—and even irrelevant—during rapidly changing business conditions. Frequent check-ins suit unpredictable and accelerated business cycles and assist employees at all levels. This new coaching-style management also allows adjustments for updates and unforeseen circumstances and facilitates the performance of remote workers.

Elias Baltassis, partner and director at BCG, a preeminent management consulting firm, has described the multiple factors the company maps to assess every …

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