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Topic Teasers Vol. 152: Training Kids to Be PMs

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As a project manager, I realized recently how helpful it was to use these same skills in my personal life. I don’t remember exactly how I learned them, but I’d like to make sure my kids and other young people from my extended family and friends also pick them up at an early age. They are so useful in any career. Any ideas of how to make this happen?

A. Despite all the training offered, project management skills are personality traits people are born with. The best in the field knew most of the basic principles from childhood. If the young people in your life are not already exhibiting these ways to organize their own practices, perhaps you should steer them into a different career.

B. Parents are more influential in school systems, religious institutions, and organizations like the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts than ever before. Offer to create a project management class and teach it so that you can reach future leaders at an early age and train them in the essential organizational practices of the PMBOK® Guide.

C. All of the natural skills children are born with can be enhanced and honed by simple, fun habits that are taught by thoughtful parents or extended family members. Think through some of the important parts of …

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