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Get Ahead With the Evergreen Path to Promotion

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Depending on your goals, skills and network, there are multiple ways to grow your career. Yet, some career advancement strategies are relatively risky. Earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree may open some career doors in fields like consulting and banking. Yet, earning such a degree can cost thousands of dollars and years of effort.

Fortunately, you have alternatives like the evergreen path to promotion.

What Is the Evergreen Path to Promotion?
To illustrate this strategy, let's consider a scenario. Let's say that you earned your PMP certification a few years ago. Since then, you've maintained your certification, learned new skills and delivered more projects. For ongoing career growth, you've set your sights on the new position—a director-level role in IT or project management.

The evergreen path to promotion is simple. Start to perform the work involved in your new role while you have your current job. You'll take on new work responsibilities in addition to everything you have in your current role.

There are nuances to this strategy, however. Take on too much responsibility, and your risk of burnout (along with mistakes!) will increase. Let's explore techniques you can use to leverage the evergreen path.

Step 1: Perform a Gap Analysis
Taking on more work responsibilities to advance your career only makes sense …

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