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PMI Citizen Developer™ Ask an Expert (Vol. 3 – Raveesh Dewan): Empowering Innovation in Enterprise With Citizen Development

Raveesh Dewan is the President and CEO of Joget Inc.

In the third installment of our PMI Citizen Developer™ Ask an Expert series, Raveesh Dewan, President and CEO of Joget Inc., talks about how citizen development is empowering employees to be innovators. Watch his video below!

Embracing the digital culture
The digital revolution has been a game-changer for many industries, forcing companies to change their strategies to stay competitive. Even the largest companies have been affected by this shift and are seeking ways to digitize quickly. In order to stay in the game and further succeed in the future, organizations must establish a digital culture.

Digital culture is all about being flexible and responsive. It helps companies stay competitive by effectively using technology and delivering impactful results. Organizations with a strong digital culture use digital tools and data-powered insights to drive decisions and customer centricity while innovating and collaborating across the organization. This, in turn, creates value for all stakeholders. 

The need for innovation
There's no doubt that we need innovation now more than ever. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything, and businesses have had to adapt quickly or risk becoming obsolete.

So how can enterprises promote innovation and transformation? One way is to encourage employees to develop digital solutions through citizen development practices.…

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