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How to Become a Changemaker...and Create Them for Your Project

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There’s a saying that change is the only constant. As I write, the theme of change is on my mind because we’re preparing to move to a new home. Given that reality, it’s up to us to decide how to approach change.

Will we look for opportunities? Or fight a rearguard action against the inevitable? In many cases, finding a positive way to work with change is wiser.

As project managers, we often must get work done with less formal authority than we might like. That’s why personal credibility, experience and skills are so important. Therefore, finding ways to become a changemaker is vital.

How to Become a Changemaker First
Becoming a changemaker yourself is vital for project managers. Asking others to embrace change you have not adopted will not win you any credibility. Use these practices to boost your skills and reputation as a changemaker.

1. Reinforce your habits and routines outside of work
Embarking on significant change at work is tough! Going through a large-scale transformation initiative can tax our energy. That’s why giving yourself the gift of stability outside of work is essential.

The specific practices you choose will depend on your preferences. The following habits have helped me to thrive in change:

  • Start the day on your terms: This habit means I start my day early. I typically aim to dedicate morning time to …

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