Project Management

Project Management in the Canadian Arctic

Pam is a Project Manager for the Government of Nunavut in Canada.

Visiting the Arctic is on the bucket list of many Canadians; I am privileged to call it home. I have been a project manager in the infrastructure space for six years. After just two years (yes, including Arctic winters), this felt like home. Every day feels like an adventure. Fortunately, I haven’t seen a live polar bear so far (if I see one, I’m too close!). I enjoy visiting the various communities and often purchase local art, crafts, and winter clothing items. Each community has its own unique beauty and personality.

Project management for Arctic infrastructure presents unique challenges and rewards. Such work is primarily in the public sector, including building and maintaining water and sewage treatment facilities, roads, airports, bulk fuel storage, offices, community centers and arenas, housing, schools and hospitals. A project manager in Nunavut manages several diverse projects scattered across many small fly-in only communities.

Major upgrades are needed for original infrastructure that was created in the 1970s and ’80s, as it is now past life expectancy. Arctic communities have much higher growth rates than the national average, so the need is pressing—and existing infrastructure is overtaxed. Housing shortages are of epic proportions, and harsh weather conditions can make it more challenging to have access to safe shelter.

The need is…

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