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Strategic Thinking in Problem Solving: A Journey to the Strategisphere

George Freeman, PMP, is a seasoned IT project manager and leader who has worked in the software industry for nearly four decades, including over 25 years of project management. He has significant experience and expertise in enterprise information systems, data, and business architectures, and is an advocate for “business and technical architectural awareness” among all project team members. Mr. Freeman has international and remote team experience, and has a passion for meta-modeling, domain-driven design, and “all things architecture.”

A project professional operating in the “strategisphere” has journeyed from Flat Earth, linear-type thinking to the bounds of space where Earth’s curvature and endless cloudscapes speak to the inspiration of design and the systematic order of existence. A place where nature, through panoramic observation and contemplation, conveys its demand that all things—animate and inanimate—are compelled to perform its dance of relational connectivity.

A little deep? Absolutely—and intended to be so. In my experience, approaching strategic thinking or problem solving from a prescribed means is rarely productive. You can use tools and frameworks out of the box, but one needs a tactically considered analytic belief system to be effective. Otherwise, your problem-solving prowess will find uncertainty when the popularized or politicized problem landscape yields conformist, broken-link, or path-of-least-resistance views.

What is your analytic belief system?
Our analytic ideology plays a significant role in forming and informing our “way of solving a problem,” as it’s rooted in our subconscious (as are all belief systems). Providing room for this fact opens the opportunities door, where potentials find their match to a chosen plan of action that can elevate one’s career to the next level.

What is your analytic predisposition (…

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